Feedback and Testimonials

I love hearing from clients and other professionals! Some of my amazing feedback is shown below.

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I worked with Neve and her manager mum on a recent styled shoot and was very impressed with her professionalism.

For someone so young she carries herself with a lot of confidence and perfect manners. Absolutely beautiful girl with a great future in modelling! 

Mrs B Cakery


Neve is so talented, young model with bright future! Great to work with her. Can't wait for next session

Luv Studio


Neve was great going underwater with me, very professional, listens well and great understanding, it was a lot of fun for us both!

Lady Luck Photography


I had the absolute joy of working with Neve on a wedding shoot! She's way more professional then some adults I work with 😉. She has a great character and is so amazing at what she does, effortless. She was also full of ideas too.
Can't wait to work with her again!!

Mini Quinni Alternate Wedding

Photo 04-07-2019, 20 55 08.jpg

Such a lovely talented girl. Worked with neve a few times very professional and knows her stuff!

Cole Photography


This is an aspiring model with lots of cheeky attitude! Great fun to work with, the right amount of sass and an impressive amount of energy! She just keeps going!

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